SPX TTU Heat Exchanger 10 H-20-BB
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SPX TTU Heat Exchanger 10 H-20-BB

SPX TTU Heat Exchanger 10 H-20-BB

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Standard ParaBrazed TT heat exchangers contain a packet of stainless steel plates brazed with copper in a vacuum furnace. When assembling the package, every second plate is rotated 180° to create flow channels between the plates, which will later form the primary and secondary sides of the heat exchanger. Standard heat exchanger plates are made of 1.4404 (316L) stainless steel and soldered with copper or nickel. The ParaBrazed heat exchanger has been designed as compact and efficient, for minimal interference, as long as the operating conditions described in this manual are met. Exchangers of this type are successfully used all over the world as equipment in heating, air-conditioning, pharmaceutical, and chemical systems. They are used in office buildings, factories, heating networks, underfloor heating, cooling systems, heat pumps, heat recovery, water heating, oil cooling, etc. ParaBraze plate heat exchangers are everywhere. To ensure the proper operation of each device, a technical analysis and selection of the device that meets the requirements of the application is required.

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Data sheet

Typ przyłączagwitnowane
Dopuszczalna temperatura robocza200ºC
Średnica nominalnaDN25
Dopuszczalne ciśnienie robocze30 bar
Ilość płyt20

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