Naczynie wzbiorcze DE 18 REFLEX 10 bar Expand

REFLEX Expansion Vessel DE 18 10 bar

Reflex Reflex



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REFLEX Expansion Vessel DE 18 10 bar

REFLEX Expansion Vessel DE 18 10 bar

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Expansion pressure vessel with built-in flow fittings for preparing domestic hot water circulation systems and pressure boosting systems. 


Under DIN 4807 part 5, EN 13831 or DVGW. Approved by EU directive 97/23/EC on pressure equipment, CE marking. Features: water flow using High-Flow flow fittings and any Rp 3/4 T-piece, anti-corrosion protection for water-exposed parts, stainless steel tank connection, non-replaceable bag membrane under KTW-C standards, W 270 painted external and internal coating, outer coating in green or white, can connect Reflex Flowjet flow fittings, certified by the Polish National Institute of Public Health

Pojemność18 l
Dopuszczalne ciśnienie robocze10 bar

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