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HYDROCONTROL VTR Equilibrium Valve DN40

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HYDROCONTROL VTR Equilibrium Valve DN40

HYDROCONTROL VTR Equilibrium Valve DN40

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Hydrocontrol VTR is a bronze equilibrium valve PN 25 Y-shaped spindle arrangement, smooth pre-setting. Direct setting reading. All functional units on one side of the housing. Can be mounted on the supply or return line. The housing and head are made of bronze, the spindle and poppet are made of dezincification-resistant brass (Ms-EZB), the valve poppet is sealed with PTFE, the double O-ring seal guarantees trouble-free operation of the valve. The valves are equipped with two threaded stubs, in which filling and draining taps or measuring stubs can be screwed in (accessories - sets 1-4). Fitted pipe plugs.

Typ przyłączagwitnowane
Średnica nominalnaDN40
Dopuszczalne ciśnienie robocze25 bar
Dopuszczalna temperatura robocza150ºC

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