Why Xdrive?

Our phones are never off and we're working as long as it takes. It is not rare for us to think outside the box and find solutions that will surprise even the most seasoned industry experts. We have carried out orders for leading manufacturers and several hundred smaller organizations alike. We operate on a case-by-case basis, devoting as much time as is deemed necessary to each and every customer. We assure you that our many years of industry expertise will provide you with useful insights.

Pressure Gauges, Membrane Deaerators, Solenoids, and more – XDrive

Xdrive was founded by Tomasz Lach, who started his adventure with industrial automation in 2003. Over the years, he has gathered experience working in companies and corporations that supply test instruments. This ultimately allowed him to start his own business. Today, XDrive offers a wide selection of items and technical advice on choosing the right C&I equipment.

We supply you with a wide range of industrial and maintenance equipment. Our offer includes glycerine pressure gauges, membrane deaerators, pressure transducersand pressure transducers for highly-explosive areas as well as Pt100 sensors, temperature transducers, thermometers, etc. We also sell relief valves, ball valves, liquid level sensors, level switches, etc.


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