Studzienka wodomierzowa ST4 fi500 h1200 Expand

ST4 Water Meter Well fi500 h1200

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ST4 Water Meter Well fi500 h1200

ST4 Water Meter Well fi500 h1200

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The ST1 water meter well works like a thermos. No bottom and a hermetic closure allows maintaining a positive temperature inside the well, which gains heat from the earth. The upper part of the well is insulated inside and out, which protects against freezing. Installing a water meter about 30cm under the cover and the thermal plug prevents the connections from freezing at -30 degrees. By not having a bottom, the well can be mounted in areas of high-level groundwater without fear of buoyancy forces, which allows you to read the meter without having to remove water first.

NOTE - The shown well does not include a set of valves and a meter, which must be purchased separately.

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ST4 Water Meter Well fi500 h1200

ST4 Water Meter Well fi500 h1200

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